17 Best Wedding Bands for men


Congratulations ! Nothing compliments a wedding like elegant bands and rings. Because this very special ceremony you should not settle for less than the best wedding bands for men. From Platinum to Silver each metal has it’s pros and cons.

How to know what suits me?

Setting a budget first can easily narrow your search, what comes next are things like Size, looks and maintenance. Some metals like Tungsten cannot be resized, others require constant maintenance to retain their polish like silver.

We researched the best wedding bands for men according to consumers and critics, these are the most popular bands used constantly for wedding ceremonies and luxury wear.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Watch out for: There are low quality tungsten wedding bands out there that are made with cobalt which might leave traces of color on your finger over long term. Proper Tungsten bands are pure from artifacts. If you are allergic to Tungsten wedding bands you could try Titanium or metal free silicone. 

Titanium Wedding Bands

Remember: To preserve its beauty white gold must be polished or dipped every 3 years. The yellow starts showing through the rhodium plating over time.

Silver Wedding Bands

Watch out forPoor silver that’s less than sterling quality could cause allergies because of nickel content.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Palladium Wedding Bands

Silicone Wedding Bands

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